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Lingerie That Men Love

Published: 16 June 2019

The funny thing about what men like to see on women is that a woman in her right mind would not normally subject herself to such torture. A mature Escort would not feel this way they love to wear sexy lingerie. One has to remember that this lingerie is not going to be on for an extremely long period of time, so it is worth it. Men love tight, see through, lace. They do not see a woman’s flaws the way women do (thank goodness). They just want to see us in it because it drives them crazy. There are so many different colours and styles of lingerie out there that can drive a man wild

Sexy Stockings make us feel sexy

Published: 01 June 2019

The reason stockings are so sought after and loved is because they are just plain sexy. They have a special kind of allure to them and are so tactile.

I have my eye on you

Published: 22 March 2019

The eyes will tell me all I need to know.

The eyes are the windows to the soul” a pretty common metaphor. It’s kind of a weird expression for saying that the eyes of a person are supposed to give you insight into their inner world - their feelings, thoughts, etc.

Kinky Naughtiness

Published: 18 March 2019

Hi you naughty boys as most of you know I love being a naughty Mature Escort, and believe me I can be naughty come visit and find out.

Smutty Sex

Published: 11 March 2019

Mad Mondays I had a client on Monday who used a word I had not heard for a long time it was smutty he had said lets get smutty being a. Mature Escort I know what it meant but I know a lot of others might not.

Pleasing a man

Published: 03 March 2019

Hello my lovelies hope you are feeling randy today because I am lets get together and get down and dirty. I want to give you one of my famous massages

Chocolate Crazy

Published: 24 February 2019

Hi my lovely Valentines. Hope you all had a great time and got laid its amazing what a bunch of Roses can do. I did very well with the Chocolates I have kept a few for us to have a nibble on either creamy or nutty the choice is yours.

Spend a Day the Valentine way.

Published: 14 February 2019

Hello my lovely clients its thar special day again I love Valentine’s Day it means I get choccies and flowers (I live in hope) I may share my chocolates with you if you misbehave.

Mature Escort wins again

Published: 12 February 2019

Most of the cases of a man choosing a Mature Escort comes from their childhood. I’m not here to be the psychologist, but that’s a fact. The root cause is always the cases of lack of love. So mature escorts have a great opportunity!

G.F.E Girlfriend Experience

Published: 04 February 2019

A professional that kisses and cuddles her client and gives him intimacy like a girlfriend. An escort that enjoys her clients and lets them know it with kisses and not rushing.