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Boudoir Belle

Published: 06 May 2018

Hi Guys what’s happening in your worlds, I am always here to listen and give comfort in lots of ways you may like, having said that I will rephrase it to you will like.

Prostitution How things change

Published: 23 April 2018

Hi Guys and perhaps Girls I was reminiscing about days gone by and how things have changed for the Escort who were named prostitutes (still are sometimes). . The age of a prostitute in the 19th Century would have ended at about 22 now a Mature Escort is as desirable as a younger Escort

Sexual Boundaries

Published: 16 April 2018

The Thrill Level when appropriate text is rated to determine the Triple X level as follows.

  • S: Steam it up
  • E: Edgy and Wild
  • X: Extreme Kink

Eat Something Sexy

Published: 02 April 2018

Chocolate’s reputation as an aphrodisiac is deeply embedded in the history of Western civilization. The Mayans used cacao beans to pay for prostitutes in their early version of whorehouses. (The going rate was around eight beans per woman).

Leopard Print, good at any age.

Published: 20 March 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Leopard Print. Attract attention and exude power, ferocity, independence, sophistication, sensuality and sometimes outright debauchery.

Dildos Vs Vibrators

Published: 07 March 2018

As the taboo of talking about sex diminishes year by year, sex literacy grow and grows. However, for every term like safe word, prostate massage or polyamory that becomes mainstream, our history of using euphemisms to talk about sex is not so easily shaken off.


Published: 03 March 2018

When you act out one of your sexual fantasies using characters ie. Dentist, teacher etc. Where two people play different roles in a sexually suggestive manner. This is generally to provide more excitement and pleasure to the act of intercourse.

Sexy Stockings make us feel sexy

Published: 23 February 2018

The reason stockings are so sought after and loved is because they are just plain sexy. They have a special kind of allure to them and are so tactile.

Mature Escorting Good or Bad

Published: 18 February 2018

If you look at the profiles for mature or otherwise on the internet, most of the girls are super-pretty, sexy and extremely glamorous mature ones too

Full Body Massage

Published: 10 February 2018

A Full Body Massage by a Mature Escort

When rubbing something (mostly a man) for pleasure. This can either be a full body massage or just a massage Can also be used as a form of sex actually mostly used for this purpose.