Miss Janie

A heater for your Peter


A heater for your Peter

Hi lovely clients thank you for bearing with me your Favourite Mature Escort and my new way of working I find it exciting to be in a new place now and again brings a new element in to my life and for my loyal clients.

A nicely knitted coat made to keep your willy nice and toasty when it starts to get cold outside.

Well Christmas is coming soon and it will be presents (I hope) I took to thinking how cold it gets and perhaps a bit of central heating between my male clients legs might help to keep the erection going as Jack Frost loves to spoil things.

I have decided to buy all my male friends a Willie Warmer. A willy warmer (or cock sock) is a man’s garment designed to fit over the penis. The Willy Warmer is the perfect aid to defeat shrinkage and keep the privates warm for when it is really cold outside. Brrr. I can think of lots of ways to warm a willie Being a Mature Escort we know about those things

Someone’s stole my Willy Warmer from the washing line!! I’m not bothered about the warmer, I just want the 10 pegs back.

Janie your favourite roaming Mature Escort xxx