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Being Racy


Being Racy

Hi Blog readers, Blog time again not sure if you read them I hope you do. This week I was a bit naive.

One of my clients arrived for an appointment he had made, we chatted for a few minutes and mentioned I was a racy piece not wanting to let him know I had not heard this word before, after a pleasant hour with him he left, I was straight on to the net to find out the meaning of this word therefore my blog is about being Racy and I rather like being a racy Piece and a Mature Escort.

1) Racy…
A very naughty sexy lady (Me), only some can pull that name off, I can with ease

2) Risqué.
Sexually provacative and likely to attract controversy. i.e. My, what a risqué piece of art! To be risqué is to be sexually suggestive of a situation. Always.

3) Sexual impropriety.
A description of a gesture or behavior that implies or articulates one’s desires for inappropriate sexual conduct. Mmm
That guy has some seriously improprietous hands. Yes Please

Its Racy time look forward to seeing you

Janie your favourite Mature Escort.always a pleasure xxx