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Drinking on the job


Drinking on the job

Although I do like a drink now and again but not while I am working my clients are quite welcome to a drink but we dont want Brewers Droop if you know what I mean.

Being a Mature Escort I have had a couple of instances when I have had to deal with a client who has been drinking this one who luckily enough was not violent and did not vomit on the carpet or the bed.

One evening a rather smart handsome client arrived on time and seemed ok but as he came in and staggered a little I realised he had been drinking , he had been to the races and won a lot of money. Mmmm. I thought what shall I do, he asked if he could lie down for a little while I obliged and promised to wake him in half an hour.

I was rather relieved as a person who has been drinking can be violent. As promised I went to wake him he would not wake up, I thought OMG he may be dead! Eventually after about 20 mins of shaking he awoke apologised and requested the bathroom he was still drunk, as I sat and pondered what to do I heard my front door close I went to the bathroom he had gone but on the shelf was 300 pound and a message written in soap on the mirror sorry hope this helps. I ran out and he had vanished I never heard from him again.

If he reads my blogs thank you and take care when you go drinking not everyone is as honest as me.

Janie Mature Escort xx