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Full Body Massage


Full Body Massage

A Full Body Massage by a Mature Escort

When rubbing something (mostly a man) for pleasure. This can either be a full body massage or just a massage Can also be used as a form of sex actually mostly used for this purpose.

Full body massage
I want and like to give my clients a full body massage . If they are feeling tense and the back is tight call me come over and I will give you a special Janie Mature Escort Full Body Massage you will not forget.

Firstly when you get here and are lying face down on the bed with your clothes off. I will put oil on your back and start to massage and push down and rub at the same time I would just rub and rub until you groan then I would rub your ass as I tickle your nipples. Secondly I would go to that perfect Penis area and start squeezing just the way you like it I like it too.

Oils and potions optional but I am not. Candles use your imagination.

Janie your favourite Mature Fun Escort xx

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“Sweet sensual scenario or firm fantasy”

Thanks for looking. Welcome, Miss Janie is my name your pleasure my aim I love all sorts of fun. A fit, sexy and skilled mature escort here to tease you and please you. I do not offer a service but an experience plenty of surprises with me you can be sure to have an unrushed time let’s play, my Priority is you!!!

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