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G.F.E Girlfriend Experience


G.F.E Girlfriend Experience

A professional that kisses and cuddles her client and gives him intimacy like a girlfriend. An escort that enjoys her clients and lets them know it with kisses and not rushing.

Hi Guys short one today, many guys ask me what is a GFE, that being said I have written a short blog regarding GFE

What is it a GFE (an escort) It is a relationship with more direct contact; acts like a girlfriend. Not all girlfriends do the things a GFE does.

An Escort who Shows up and acts like she wants to be there.
Providing genuine intimacy as well as sexual services making the “client” feel as if they are with a partner not an escort (there is difference)

Including but not limited to
Oral sex without cover. Not always it is her discretion,
Long and deep kissing,
Lots of eye contact and flirting
Intimate conversation
Stays and provides service for the full hour.

If all criteria are met the Escort is known as a GFE. Try one to know one.

Need a GFE your the guy for me.

Janie your favourite GFE /Mature Escort xxxx