Miss Janie

Its Boot time again


Its  Boot time again

Hi my lovelies hows it swinging (know what I mean) its cold and I need to be warmed up and there are plenty ways to do that I know a few you would enjoy.

As the weather is changing my thoughts go to the kinky boots that men love and we at love wearing them so off to the shops we go to buy some new ones for you to salivate over.

A client once bought me some for Christmas (he’s got some serious boot fetishes). As I started wearing them more often thanks to him, I get this feeling of uhm…empowerment? Aside from many compliments from men and women alike, they just make me feel better and confident, especially the ones with high heels or suede encasing my legs, coupled with extra inches of height and, on top of all, UNLIMITED attention. Maybe all these factors compound the empowerment effect. I am fucking a boot freak and he would literally slave himself away and kneel down to bear hug or kiss, caress my __booted __ legs whenever he could. I always thought it was just him, but I got this feeling that it may not be…

I noticed guys just can’t stop ogling my 4-inch heel suede thigh-high boots whenever I wear them. Yesterday, I had a coffee with my friend at a Starbucks and I sat cross-legged in my thigh-high boots . This guy, maybe in his 40s, across our table just could not keep his eyes off them and I could not keep my eyes of an erection I spotted in his pants.

Sex is in the heels meaning me.

Boots are such a staple female fashion these days, that the term is now only used for the original type of Dominatrix S&M boot that gave rise to the term in the first place, – even Mature Escorts love wearing them, outrageously sexy very high stiletto boots , generally of thigh length and in either black or white or bright shiny colours. These boots are made for walking (and other things) and thats what they will do visit me and they will walk all over you.

Janie your favourite Mature Escort I always behave but not necessarily well. Xxx