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Mature Escort wins again


Mature Escort wins again

Most of the cases of a man choosing a Mature Escort comes from their childhood. I’m not here to be the psychologist, but that’s a fact. The root cause is always the cases of lack of love. So mature escorts have a great opportunity!

What I like to give my clients a relaxing time and a lot of attention. Being one of the mature escorts or MILFs over 50 , I have just enough of life experience, to know what I have to do. Mature escorts are caring. I can be the caring Mother or a dominant one. A real woman. I give you what you want. That’s why I am a Mature Escort.

During sex, sometimes clients want to feel dominated by a Mature escort (ME) I can give you exactly what you want. Make foreplay longer, and enjoy it too. Giving extra attention to your manhood! Stroke you constantly, to make you comfortable. Some clients are actually a little bit shy especially if it is their first time. So its necessary to praise them as often as I can. On my comment they will feel more relaxed and comforted by me. This is what they need. Mature escorts  Know this. I like sometimes to be the leader during sexual intercourse. There are many different types of clients with many different types of tastes.

If you are successful as a mature escort as I am, I enjoy the job much more knowing I have made someone feel special. I Enjoy being one of the professional mature escorts! And it is fun too.

There is always a wild side to an innocent face.

Janie your favourite Mature Escort xx