Miss Janie

Moving On


Moving On

Hello Gentlemen

I think this is going to be a reasonably short blog this week but an important one. Janie is now officially on tour! Yes that’s right I will be available in different parts of this great capital of ours, so if you have missed out because perhaps your in the city rather than the West end I will be coming to you so

I have decided to spice up my escorting life by broadening my horizons a little and have now officially given up my flat for a life on the road, so how is this going to work?

Firstly I will only be available a couple of days a week, so I need to get as much excitement into those days as I can. I will post my availability every week on my site with an approximate location, you call and book and away we go. Of course I will on those days also be taking last minute liaisons if you suddenly have the urge.

So, that’s it. Same quality service but a new energised me. If we have not met before perhaps now we will. If you are a regular caller, I look forward to welcoming you again. If there is a part of London you would like to me visit why not get in touch on Twitter, other than that I hope to see you seen.

Remember Onwards and Upwards!

Janie xx