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My New Year Cross Dresser


My New Year Cross Dresser

How many of you made this meaningless habit and how long will it last. On your next visit to your favourite Mature Escort we can discuss the reasons.

I had a visit before Christmas from a rather lovely client we spent a really nice session together. The gentleman in question told me he was a cross dresser great one of my favourite kinds of sessions were with cross-dressers.

Many merely wanted my transformation expertise, so I’d took his measurements and picked out a full outfit and wig for him to buy and bring to the session. I kept a kit of make-up to use with CDs, just like I had for modelling work a rainbow of skin tones and colours to match his complexion. Upon arriving, he’d be his usual self and an hour later, he’d be Christine or Jane. The sessions were fun and varied, anything from sitting around reading magazines and watching women’s shows together to having a little tea party these or my favourites I have once had a sissy maid he liked maids dresses and frilly knickers (so do I) and damn was he good at housework!

A Cross Dresser is not a man who wants to be a woman a Cross Dresser is a man who wants to be happy.

Always a pleasure your favourite Mature Escort xxx I am very good at Role Play!!