Miss Janie

On the move


On the move

HI all my lovely clients its been a busy time for me rushing around moving about, as I have moved to pastures new still in Central London but a different residence.

I will have a rota posted weekly on my website letting you all know where your favourite Mature Escort will be. I hope to see you soon. I feel like a gipsy like Rose Lee.

The term ‘gypsy’ has become synonymous with the Romani people in many regions. Loosely, the term describes a traveler of exotic origins, believed to have tricks up his/her sleeves and magical charms at the tips of his/her fingers. fortunes, sold potions, begged and worked as entertainers.”

Selling potions and telling fortunes are often construed as a form of witchcraft, and such career choices certainly appealed to a large group of individuals – or else those options would have been financially useless.

As I cannot tell fortunes I may be able to touch a few crystal balls perhaps Role Play as a sexy gypsy dancer banging on my Tambourine perhaps we can bang together.

Men are not attracted to me by my mind They are attracted by what I don’t mind

Janie Your favourite Mature Escort xx