Miss Janie

Teasing its fun


Teasing its fun

Now, don’t be ashamed for being a lusty mature escort it’s really is great thing. I believe having a heightened sex drive is a surefire sign of mental wellness, and I wouldn’t dumb down my sexuality for anyone.

But there is ONE problem with being a horny mature escort Sometimes, we just aren’t the best at channeling our inner tease goddess. We just get so EXCITED by naked bodies and supple flesh and moans and textures, and oh my, I’m getting wildly aroused just thinking about it! So, we go in for the kill a little too quickly. Who can blame us? Sex is overwhelming.

However, I believe there are two key components to being a good lover: being enthusiastic and being a tease. ( trust me, I really had to work at mastering
The art of tease )

Part of being a tease is drawing out the crotch touch for as long as possible.
As one guy put it, the act of lightly dragging one’s scrotum across one’s partners face before intercourse. (don’t want to tease anymore) only joking.
When the teasing is just joking around for a laugh, it’s friendly. When the goal is to create a sort of verbal intimacy, it’s flirty.

I want to tease you before I please you.

Always a pleasure Janie Your favourite Mature Escort xx